Weekly: July 25-31

Oh boy, last week of July. Can't believe it's August. I already have that "Sunday night" feeling.. like, a little depressed because Monday is right around the corner. I still have 3 more weeks though, so I can't let it get to me. 
Last week we had some fun, although it was hot and I'm still trying to work through my to-do list before summer is over, so we also stayed home quite a bit. The kids loved VBS - loved it. So that was fun for them and it was really nice for me to have the mornings to myself. I went for a couple of walks, but it was too hot even in the morning the rest of the week. So I ran around and did errands and grocery shopping which is so. much. fun. without children or a time crunch. I probably spend more money than I should when I'm all by myself though.
I got my bathroom drawers and cupboards all cleaned out and organized this week - another check! It feels good to look around and see clean surfaces and organization. I still have to do my office. I'm not excited about it. I may put it off since I really should take some professional development classes this week. 
But back to last week - Todd took a day off of work because we were going to take the kids to Roaring Springs Water Park - but decided that it would actually be too hot and miserable, so he and I went to breakfast in Boise while the kids were in VBS...

We stopped to find some Pokemon...

And then we took the kiddos out for a free birthday pizza afterward.

We got to watch Whit so Jen and Grant could work on packing. He was so happy and sweet, I had a hard time getting myself to put him down for a nap. 

I thought the great-grandparents would appreciate these...

It was over 100 deg. this weekend, so Saturday we watched movies and literally didn't leave the house but to get some drive-thru Dairy Queen. It was pretty nice actually. 
Sunday was family Sunday, and usually Carolina gets to still stay in the nursery area, but we decided to bring her with us. She did just as well as Liam did (if not better)... but when we got out did say, "Well that took longer than I thought it would!"

Liam's sleeping issues have gotten worse, every day last week he woke up crying in the middle of the night. Please keep him in your prayers - we can't seem to figure out anything that has triggered it. We've made sure not to give him caffeine or sugar in the afternoon/evening. We haven't watched anything scary lately. He has a decently bright nightlite now. So... :( He's perfectly fine/normal during the day at least.
We are going to go to school this week to take all of the crap I've bought for for school and see what needs to be done... and maybe do some of it. August isn't my favorite month... in fact it's probably my 3rd least favorite after February and January. I need to change my attitude real quick before I'm out of summer all together!
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