Weekly: August 16-21

The last week of summer vacation is over and done for me. 
Our last week consistested of unpacking, a playdate, getting all the chores and errands done, I finished my class (!!!), and by Thursday I was ready to take it easy - and by that I mean running around with the kids to do a bunch of things and then laying down for the rest of the day. Thursday Liam got a much needed haircut, we ran to school to look at lists and chat a little bit, and I got a pedicure :) Friday was our "fun day" out - Liam got some new school shoes and then we got frozen yogurt and chick-fil-a and played at the park. 

On Saturday I was feeling a little blue so we went to Boise mostly for Trader Joe's, but also anything else we could get ourselves into... like the new Waffle Me Up... similar to a place we love in Salt Lake - it was yummy!
Later we went to the McConnel twin cousins' birthday party and had pupusas for dinner... which the kids were like "no" and then we had to order an extra one for them before we left. 
Sunday was pretty awesome. I usually have a bad attitude on Sunday's because Monday's coming, but I so not worried about Monday - I get to sleep in, go to work late, get a new iPad and go home! So Sunday after church we went to lunch and then swam for a long time, the weather and pool just felt glorious. I made dinner (which haven't done in a long time) and cleaned up and chilled. 

I feel ready for school - of course the first week isn't so bad with just getting set up and meetings and no kids yet. I say this before the week starts however, we'll see how I feel in a few days.
 So begins the 2016-2017 school year!

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