Weekly: August 1-7

And another week of summer vacation is gone just like that it's August... I'm trying not to think about it too much but... this...
It's 100% how I feel.. at least someone made this meme, so I know I'm not alone. And at the same time, I think the knowledge that my time is running out has somehow given me more patience with the kids. I am really going to miss being with them all day (even though, there have been plenty of times when I needed a break from them). 

We haven't been as consistent about doing summer "homework" as I would've liked, but I also didn't want that to dictate how a summer day went. Carolina works so hard on her handwriting. She can't remember how to spell her name (can you blame her? it's long) but her letters are about as nice as Liam's are. I have been really impressed with how Liam's reading skills have improved this summer and how much he's really come to love reading.

We got lucky and were invited to a pre-opening FREE dinner at Smashburger, and it was delicious and a major highlight of the week!

We went into school this week for the first time - it was Lunch Bunch Book Club day so the kids got free lunch and picked out some books to read - the weather was perfect for it too. Lina loves it. Liam decided to run around in the grass with the other kids. I was only in my room for like 3 hours but I felt like I had worked a full week, I was so tired!

It was Poppa's birthday this week too! We went out for Hawaiian food and then had presents and pie and story time - always a good time together :)

We also got to keep Whit all Sunday afternoon so his parents could move and he was such a good baby. I just love his toddling around, so precious. The kids always get so excited, and no one can make him smiler faster than his cousins. Lina was being a great helper (as always with her "Bucky-boo") and when I asked her to feed him and wipe him up she chirped "Sure! On the job!"
And then there's this - another of my very favorite pictures on these two. I think I'm going to start including these regularly, because if I have to sniffle and sigh over them, then you do too.

Other things of note: 

  • I did some sprucing up in my bedroom... I'll share pics of that later. But it was fun and refreshing and without buying any new furniture (it's all super old) it suddenly feels like a new room to me and we love it! 
  • I put off taking my professional development classes again... this week maybe?
  • Liam AND Lina slept great this week! We bribed them, which they loved, but that didn't really matter before so I don't know exactly what the difference was, maybe your prayers for them?!
  • This week Dylan and Oliva are visiting (no Denali, when Carolina was told this, she said "Ohhhh, poor Denali.") - so the kids should be in heaven. 
Two more weeks of freedom... how can I stretch it?!

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