Weekly: August 8-15 (Sun Valley, again)

The second to last week of summer vacation is gone and done. 2 out of 3 CA cousins came to visit - so these guys pretty much spent the whole week together, the kiddos loved it.

We watched a lot of Olympics, but it is very vexing to not be surprised by anything, it's not nearly as much fun to know the results before they even air the competitions. But this though...
You can't be mad at it. I make Todd refrain from fast-forwarding through any part of the awards ceremony/national anthem. That's the best part. 

I can't be mad at this face either. She has been sleeping great lately - and Liam has too, although he had a few bad nights early in the week, so Carolina got her bribes before Liam did. These Disney Lego Minifigures are good bribes because they are cute, cheap, usable, and a surprise! They are really hard to come by though because they are so popular right now. 

We were supposed to be in Bakersfield this week/weekend, but because of the CA McConnel's new-house-closing issues it got cancelled. We were pretty bummed, we so wanted to see their new house and spend some time with family that we rarely get to, plus... California! So it felt like we lost out on one last vacation. Linda tried to make something happen in Tahoe, but it just wouldn't. So Saturday morning I booked a hotel, and Sunday morning we drove up to Sun Valley for a quick 25 hour trip. 

We walked around, shopped, ate out, checked out the resort and lodge, read, relaxed, hiked, and generally enjoyed a change of scenery and some slightly cooler temps. I intentionally left my phone in my purse of the car so I would be making the most of the short time we had together here, but I did get some pics and video. 

I love it up there. I could live there. But I couldn't afford to. Even though it was so short we were glad we did it - it made me feel better about going back to work in a week. And now we need to not spend any money until November when we get a California trip do-over at Thanksgiving.

Other things of note:
  • I finished my class! One of them, but I'm all registered and ready to take the next one which is shorter, so that's a relief. Also I found out that my school district may reimburse me for the majority of the fees which is a huge relief because at $100+ a pop, education credits are.not.cheap.
  • I went to school again and got some more things accomplished in my classroom, plus I got to hold my co-worker's sweet 5 lb. baby boy. I would've happily taken him home with me. 
  • Yes, this is my last week of summer. The weather is hot and perfect for the swimming, but the air quality is low because of wild fires and I've been wheezing. My plan for the week is to finish my class first, then just catch up/get ahead on some household chores so that I can just be lazy for the remaining time and enjoy my kiddos and sitting down. 
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