Pin of the Week: Banana Bread (again)

Flour's Famous Banana Bread recipe from Giada's Weekend Getaways via Food Network:
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I love Banana Bread - but I am verrrry picky about it. I have tried a dozen+ recipes and always find something wrong with it, it seems like. But I think I think I've found a keeper. I doubled this recipe and it wasn't doughy in the middle, wasn't too healthy tasting, wasn't frustrating to make. I overcooked it admittedly - I was working on something and forgot about the timer beeping! But - even though it probably cooked 10 minutes past the max time, the edges were only a little too dark for me, but the inside was still yummy!
To tweak it: I added about 1/4 more flour because my dough seemed really liquidy (you know how they say 7 bananas, but you don't what size of bananas they were using...). Also I sprinkled some turbinado sugar on top which added a nice crunch, and I laid foil over the tops about 3/4 of the way through cooking because I hate it when the tops get too dark. I think I may remake this and take it back-to-school for my co-workers, and if it works just as well on a second go-round, then my perfect Banana Bread recipe search can come to an end!
Here's the link! I hope it works for you!
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