Weekly: July 18-24

Another week of summer has passed us by all too quickly... I finished my big goal of deep cleaning the entire kitchen - fridge, cupboards, pantry, everything got cleaned out, decluttered, wiped down, and reorganized. We also swam I think 6 out of 7 days last week - the weather was hot, but we are looking at hotter this week. The sprinkler is a good way to "cool off" before you jump back in the pool.

Thankfully I was able to get some more walks in. If I go in the evening as late as I can before I lose light it's not too hot. As much as I'd like to sit and watch Netflix with Todd, I know I will be in a better mental state if I exercise, plus get some quite me-time. I usually listen to Pastor Scott's podcasts, but I'm all caught up on the ones I've missed from vacations... I may just relisten to all of them from when he arrived since I find that I'm a better listener on walks. 

Timehop is cruel this time of year - July is commonly a vacation month for us, so I'm bombarded with pictures of Maui, Disneyland, California, etc. That, and they've been making me wish for the "old days" a little, because look at these cuties... Timehop is not good for living in the now.

Speaking of babies - this little fella turned one! What a sweetheart, I just love him. He's only getting more fun now that he's taking steps and trying to communicate. Happy Birthday Whit!

Other things of note:
  • The grandparents took the kids to the rodeo
  • Todd and I had a date to celebrate his actual birthday
  • We went to see the new Star Trek movie
  • Liam's been waking up in the middle of the night in a panic for unknown reasons, we've been tired.
This week the kids are doing VBS at another nearby Nazarene church (we have plenty to choose from) - since we missed our own. It will be good for them to get a break from me and being at home I imagine. Last week of July, here we go!

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