The week: ???

I don't know when I left off with the weekly between the trip and hike - but that between part was mostly made up of  unpacking, cleaning, and some laziness. 
Other things of note:
  • both kids are taking a couple of golf lessons
  • we picked blackberries from Papa's garden and made 2 cobblers
  • the weather was chilly and wet - we kind of liked it for a day
  • we are attempting to go on more family walks

We actually have a 4 week stretch here without any trips to go on... it's going to be weird not having to think about packing or unpacking - I'm a little unsure of how we will fill the weeks. I certainly have plenty of projects I could do, but at some point the children that are playing so nicely upstairs right now will get tired of it and I won't be able to get quite as much work done. Basketball and soon golf will be over. We have a little bit of a schedule... kids are expected to just play until lunch, then they may watch a show while they eat. Then usually they play a little more on their own, and once the whinies and crankies come out they do their homework. Liam does a page from a handwriting book (which he really needs), and 3 pages from a math book, and 15 min. of silent reading. Lina practices writing her name and letters and then she "reads" on the Epic app - which lets her choose a book and reads it to her. I enjoy the quiet time. After that they have to clean their rooms and do any chores before they can have iPad free time, which ends when Todd gets home. The days we stay at home all day like that feel really long. The weather will warm back up into the 90s which means we'll be back in the pool often, but not really wanting to do any other outdoor activity. I'm sure we'll manage between playdates and two sets of grandparents :-) 
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