The week: July 11-17

No pictures of kids this week. It was largely full of staying home and doing nothing... worth taking pictures of. We swam, we went to Bodo on the weekend, we celebrated Todd's birthday early, and had dinner with friends. It was a pretty good week - but my kids are working my second to last nerve. Mostly they are great, especially in the morning - but around lunch time and especially afterwards they generally start to bicker and just get more needy. If being a teacher has taught me anything it's that. If there is a behavior problem that has popped up and it just doesn't seem to be going away with the usual methods it's that I am the one that needs to change my behavior. At school it would usually mean being more positive and more proactive, and at home I'm pretty sure it's the same. I'm working on projects this week which keep me preoccupied and spending less time with the kids, but that's exactly what I need to do to solve these issues. Anyway - sorry there's not much to share - I'll work on taking pictures for the next one!

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