Idahome: Celebration Park

So we bought a new book  and decided to put it to good use last weekend. Todd chose the easiest hike to begin with and it took us to Celebration Park in Melba. I've been there twice with field trips and the kids had been there with Grandma and Papa, but none of us had ever hiked any of the trails. It was a cooler day so it seemed like a good opportunity. It started out gorgeous and blue skied.
It followed the Snake part of the way and then veered off through the melon gravel fields towards Halverson Lakes.

It was a pretty little lake - low at this time though, and not great for wading in.

On the way back the clouds rolled in and it rained on us, but it felt quite nice. Although it wasn't overly hot out we were all sweating and red faced.
Liam did great after an initial whine, but Carolina struggled - fair enough since she is the smallest and has the shortest legs, but I mean - she could've complained a little less. This is why we started with the easiest one, got to built up their tolerance! Lina took a serious nap on the way home though.

 It was fun to get out and enjoy nature and do something new!
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