The week: June 20-26

We kind of hit the ground running last week - not a whole lot of time to rest, unpack, etc. The Michaelson's were in town so we had to plan as many hang-outs as possible - the kids played, and swam, and the big kids (that's us) got to go out by ourselves and have fun too! 

Why do they have to live so far away? :(
Once they had left, we finally all crashed - Carolina was having crazy emotional melt-downs which resulted in this...
at 6:00... and she still slept until 7:30 the next morning. She's been... work... lately - lots of screaming, sass, general unkindness. yay. "We" are working on it.
We got to watch this sweetheart one day too - he was battling a bug and didn't feel so well, but isn't he precious?!

We were glad for the weekend so that we could go see "Finding Dory"! - but first all of the babies had to be set up for the movie as well (Carolina is not pictured because she was in one of her moods).

It was a super cute movie - it's an owner for sure.

Carolina learned how to snorkel and go her own American Diver's set...

We are in for some hot (over 100) weather this week - so lots more swimming is in store and then we're off to Portland to enjoy cooler summer temps.

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