The week: May 23-29

And just like that the last week of school is over. It was the most pleasant, chill last week of school I have ever experienced, and it doesn't surprise me at all. I have loved so many of the hundreds of students I've had, but this class - as a whole was, I'm just gonna say it, my favorite. They just made the best little group. I cried and cried when I walked them out the door on the last day.  I will miss them. 
As for the week outside of school, I don't much remember. Liam bought himself a new Magic Treehouse book so I caught them playing Jack and Annie outside one day- so cute.

Liam with his teacher Ms. Cash - she's one of the best in the biz. ❤️

Thankfully we had plans on Saturday, I think I would've just moped all day otherwise. We finally went out with Papa Steve to do a little rock hunting. The best part was just walking through those desert hills, so pretty and quiet and peaceful.

Riding in the back of the truck was pretty fun too.

And then they treated us to the best fried food that Homedale has to offer, it was a feast of tater sticks, munchers, and pink ladies.

Todd and I got a nice date afternoon on Sunday and then enjoyed the most beautiful weather with grilling hamburgers and toasting marshmallows, and some general silliness. 
I haven't thought a whole lot about our plan of attack for the summer yet, we have some sports clinics and play dates and a few trips planned, but the day to day at home business will have to sort itself out at some point, maybe after I've gotten a little more used to this vacation thing.

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