The week: May 2-6

Well I didn't mean for this weekly post to be so late but can I say that a) I was kinda busy and b) Internet service is way worse everywhere else... I wouldn't have thought that Idaho would lead in that department! 
So way back to two weeks ago... We were still working our way through the Amazing Disneyland Countdown! Sunday  was Mickey Mouse pancakes day, it was also my last weekend run - Woo!
The week was a fun one - for the most part... Maybe not for my class who had a bunch of tests to take so that I could grade and enter them before I left (because report cards are due in 2 days 😳), but it gave me time to get my sub plans done and everything organized so that I could relax a bit. 
We did get to go in our annual field trip, and the best part was that 1st grade also came so I got to sneak in and peek on Liam a few times, plus some nice parents took pics for me. 😊
Everything was going so well- I was uber organized, worked on packing every day that week, sorted snacks, cleaned my house ✔️✔️✔️ then it all went berserk the early morning hours of the day we were to leave. Literally midnight, just about the time I was finally falling asleep, I heard a strange noise and decided to check on Carolina just as I heard her cry out. Puke all over. It continued every 15-30 minutes for the next 4 hours. Between dealing with that, Lysoling the house at 3 am, washing sheets, and sobbing for an hour because I couldn't see a scenario where our trip wasn't ruined, I basically got no sleep that night. 
God gave us a much prayed for miracle and Carolina was fine to travel by 3:30, and I was just sure the rest of us would come down with it on the road or as soon as we got there! We drove about half way on Friday night, Lina slept most of the way of course.
The weather was CRAZY - I've never seen that much rain in Nevada! But, praise the Lord, we made it safely and all healthy, if exhausted. We were/are so thankful! 🙌🏻
Can't wait to share the rest of the story...
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