The week: May 16-22

Well, I'm not really sorry that week is over. We were in a post-vacation funk, a little blue, kinda tired, too much stuff on our plates for our lazy bones to be satisfied. I ate too much ice cream and did not get enough exercise. My afternoon snacks looked something like this... probably didn't help.
I was happy to see my sweet class again, but it was crazy trying to catch up from being gone, clean, organize, and get grades in. The weather wasn't helping any either, although we had one good day and got a quick swim in.
Most of the week looked like this... cloudy and chilly and drizzly. But see my kids new (old) swing set! Thanks to the Curtis kids for growing out of it - and thanks to the Grandpa's for tearing down, moving, and setting it up in our yard. It fits perfectly and the kids LOVE it - before this they rarely wanted to be in the backyard. We still need to fill in a couple for empty slots on it, but for now two swings and a slide are making them very happy.
The best day last week - of course - was my birthday! My class brought me cards, coffee, gifts, my team ordered lunch in and had treats. That day was also the jogathon at school, which for the first time ever, got rained out. It was the freezingest, windiest, rainiest day. The first graders lucked out and were able to complete theirs - Liam ran 3.5 miles! The second graders were not so lucky, and came running inside soaking wet! 
The evening cleared up a bit and our family went out to the Hawaiian restaurant for my birthday dinner and then over to Jen's for brownies and ice cream. I got some very nice gifts including cups/mugs - my favorite. The whole day was very nice, even with the December weather, I felt very loved and spoiled :-) 
Although the rest of the weekend but the same gross weather - we did get doughnuts and go to a flea market - and then basically laid on the couch the rest of the day. We definitely caught up on our rest.
Next week is the last week of school - how crazy is that?! It doesn't feel like it at all. I'm really hoping this week to focus on spending time with my class and not worry about cleaning or organizing the classroom - I just want to enjoy them while I can. I also need to try and act like I'll be putting on a bathing suit sometime soon (whether of not I actually will) and try to eat healthier and get some exercise. Goals!
Next weekend I'll be a free woman and Liam will be a second grader!
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