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We drove 45 minutes from Anaheim to Riverside to stay with our long-lost (or 4 months we-know-where) friends the Michaelsons. Their backyard is pretty magical - it's the quintessential Californian view. There is a phenomenal view of the hills and the valley and the palm trees - there's bougainvillea, a macadamia nut tree, and a pool with a hot tub! It felt so good to be able to just chill and relax our tired feet while still on vacation! We literally just spent the rest of that day in or by the pool catching up and watching the kids play and play and play.

The next day Coe drove us around his new digs at Cal Baptist University - I didn't want to like it, but I couldn't help it - I mean...

Later that day we drove to the beach - we wanted to do a "thing" while we were there and  although we contemplated just going back to Disneyland, or driving to San Diego  - we all settled on the closer, cheaper, new experience.

While it was in the 90s in Riverside - it was in the 60s in Newport Beach. I thought the kids were crazy to get in the water (I mean it was COLD) - I wore my jacket the whole time.

The sun finally came out and it warmed up (not enough for me to get in the water though).

It was fun exploring the little shops and seeing the million dollar properties along the water. The next/last day we started out by the pool again...

Then Steph took me for an early birthday manicure/pedicure - so relaxing. We had some girl time and went shopping and picked up In N Out for dinner on the way home. She drove me to all of the places in their town that they go to - church, schools, shopping, etc. just so when she is telling me things that I could know what she is talking about and picture it :-)
We enjoyed one last California sunset, another gorgeous view, and a night swim.

Our drive home on Saturday was uneventful (a good thing) and Sunday we slept in, unpacked, did laundry and tried not to be too sad that vacation was over. 
The end.
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