The week: March 28-April 3

Oh boy, this week FLEW by! Random thought - do weeks ever just feel average / normal / regular? I feel like we either say they flew or they dragged... Back to it though. I was glad to be back with my class again, they are just the sweetest, they were quite noisy and rowdy though so I we had Silent Friday. It was lovely, in my opinion. Our IRI (state test) got bumped up 4 days, which feels slightly like the end of the world HURRY READ NOW FASTER GO! I'm trying not to hyperventilate in front of the kids though. But it does give the next two weeks a much more frantic feel. After that we can all take some deep breaths and chill out just a bit (still a month and a half of school left though, so can't chill out too much). 
Running was hard for me this week, my legs KILLED on Tuesday, so I mostly walked and enjoyed bird watching this little people-watching bird at the Rec Center. 

Then on Saturday when we ran, it was maybe 75 deg. out and I felt like I was going to collapse. I don't know if it's outdoor running or if it was the heat, but it was rather tragic. I was feeling so good about my running progress too. Todd asked if I would keep it up after the race was over... I told him no. I just don't like it - I hoped I would develop a love for running, but I haven't. It's still hard, it still hurts - the only parts I like are when it's over and when I'm with Jen. And I can do both of those things almost any time! 
Segway - speaking of Jen - look at this baby who followed me and the kiddos out the door when I went to pick Lina up after work. Man, he's cute.

Like I mentioned the weather is warming up (and  about to warm up more this week - in the 80s!!!) and it's been just gorgeous and really making everyone feeling quite giddy. 

Saturday was supposed to be perfect, and was the first weekend of the farmer's market so we spent half the day out and about, I'll only leave you with one food/drink photo... but how cute are these strawberry macarons, really?!?!

After another sleepover in Liam's room, Carolina was pooped of course. How do kids recover from a nap like this? Todd claimed we would have to take him straight to the hospital if he did this.

More spring pictures! Well, there's lots more where this came from, but look how gorgeous! THIS is why spring is my favorite season - I'm rather alone in that opinion I've found - but the transition from dark, gray, cold post-holiday-days to warm, sunshine, and flowers is LIFE CHANGING. I'm feeling the caps-lock today. It's what spring does to me.

Papa Steve's garden is at it's most magical right now I think, with thousands of daffodils and so many other plants growing and blossoming. Carolina showed Liam this little tree house. He was pretty nervous on his first climb and didn't make it up, so he was pretty pumped when he got up there the next day.

And just because it's spring, here are two more very springy pictures that I can't ignore because they are so much spring-like.

I was able to finish some spring-cleaning projects like I had hoped, including Liam's bedroom make-over, which I will share pictures of later. I hope to keep the ball rolling this week and continue checking indoor and outdoor items off my list, but really I wish I could be relaxing by the pool once that heat wave hits, but no pools are open this early in the year! I'll really wish I was on Saturday, when we have our 12 mile run. Can you believe we are 5 weeks away (at time of writing this post) from the race?! I can't believe we are so close to accomplishing this crazy goal!
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