The week: April 4-10

Last week was GORGEOUS, we just had the best weather. It felt like California, and that is the best compliment I can give it. (If it felt like Maui then I would've needed the ocean.) We spent equal parts outside enjoying it and inside continuing the spring cleaning / project-ing. I did take advantage of the sunshine to get my outside list of To-Dos checked off, and our backyard feels like a nice place to spend time in again, rather than an abandoned lot.
I also got in more outdoor runs, which continue to be harder than indoor runs. We had our second week of Girlfriend to Girlfriend, and I love my group although the book is a little overwhelming. I also got my hair lightened for summer... and I hate it. I'm getting it fixed this week.
 This was one of those weeks that I forgot to take pictures for the most part and didn't make any mental notes of things to blog about. 

The kids enjoyed a warm afternoon by playing in the hose and giving themselves a mud bath. The pool will be open next weekend, fingers crossed!

We of course bought the new Star Wars the day it came out and Carolina got to watch it finally. This is her face during *that scene* - I don't want to spoil it for anybody.

Also - I took some scissors to Lina's hair. Her hair was down to her bottom if she tipped her head back. It was cute when it was braided, or done, but when it wasn't it was a giant tangly mess and constantly in her mouth. So I gave her a bath , combed it all out, and cut 4 inches off. It's a lob now. I maybe didn't mean to make it that short, but I can still put it in a pony tail and pig tails and probably very short braids. 

Poor Jen was sick and probably didn't enjoy any of this weekend, but I didn't hate not running 12 miles - I felt free! But I did run 3, and we will have to make it up during the week sometime. So close now to our goal, 3 weeks and 6 days! Boy am I ready! These next few weeks are going to go so fast.

My class takes the IRI this week, so I'm guessing they will be hyper all week, pray for my patience. I'm trying to stay motivated at school and get my planning done well ahead of time, so that I'm not a stress case the week before our vacation. A full week of sub plans is a LOT of work, plus I basically have to have the next week planned and everything ready for when I get back. It's hard to stay focused with this weather - I don't blame the kids. 

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