The week: April 18-24

Oh my gosh, it seems like every year April gives us one unexpected, amazing, summery week, before the weather turns spring-chilly again - and this was it! It almost got to 90 degrees! It was a super busy week with something going on every night it seemed, but we enjoyed every bit of it! 
Liam took his I.R.I. test and passed with 91 words per minute (to tell you how good that is, 92 wpm is passing for 2nd grade! I think passing for 1st is in the 60s) - I am so proud of him! I treated him to a smoothie on the way home. He is so good about getting his homework and reading done everyday, he really is very independent about it, and it's obviously  been working - I peek at his grades every now and then and they are great. He's a smart kiddo, but he's also a hard worker. :)

When I went to pick-up Carolina from Grandma's house on Wednesday, guess where she was... yep in the pool... as she had been for hours already. I hadn't planned on staying since I had book study at church at 6:30, but it was too darn tempting and I couldn't tell Liam no when he sister was living it up! So in we got and convinced Todd to join us too. We had to scarf food and rush the rest of the evening, but it was worth it. It was such a perfect day, almost 90 degrees!

The next day was Jen's birthday! I bet she never thought we would be having a pool party in April - but we did! The weather wasn't quite as lovely, but it was still plenty warm and so was the pool. We grilled hamburgers and it really felt like summer. It took Whit a bit to warm up to the pool, but maybe 15 minutes in and he was happy as a little clam, and even floated in the little baby boat for over an hour I'd say! He was so cute!

It was so weird to have to go to work the next day - it really felt like the weekend, so that was kind of sad. And also it was a full moon so the kids were CRAZY. Other than Friday it was a really fun week with the class though - the kids and I are already talking about how sad we will be when summer comes.

(gorgeous spring blooms)

Blehhhh - Saturday was our last long run before the race. 13 miles. It was BRUTAL. I don't know what happened, but my body started rejecting movement fairly early on. It honestly revolted in a way it hasn't yet. I was so thirsty, tired, my foot hurt, my knees KILLED. I had to walk more of it than I have had to yet... and yes this was a mile longer than last time, but still. At any rate. Even with that - and lots of breaks for stretching and snacks and drinks and fixing shoelaces (which we won't be taking on the day) we finished in 2:45, or something like that - it was under 3 hours - but I forgot to stop my watch until we got home so I don't know exactly what time it was. Our limit is 3:30, so we should be fine. Honestly though, pray for my knee this week - it's super sore - I'm nervous to run on it Tuesday, I may go get a brace and see if that helps. I really hope this was just a fluke run. A friend told me she always has a run like that when she's training - I hope she isn't just saying that!

It was nice as always to spend time with Jen, we don't run out of things to talk about! But it was a frustrating run for me because I should have been feeling better and stronger and instead felt weaker for some reason. I was beat afterwards and the weather was cold and rainy so after a shower I plopped myself down on the couch for as much TV as I could handle. Carolina decided to join me and before too long fell asleep. I ended up laying on that couch for much longer than I probably would have, but this sort of thing never happens anymore with my big kiddos - so I just relaxed and soaked it in. It breaks my heart how big she's getting, and moments like this are treasures. It was also kind of nice to have a yuck-weather day. I didn't feel like I had to be out doing anything, or IN doing anything - rain sort of gives you permission to veg.

Yesterday marked the 2 week countdown till Disneyland and the Half-Marathon! I celebrated by starting to pack! Not clothes or anything, although it probably won't be too far behind, but mostly travel items - snacks/food for the car and park, travel toiletries, I feel like there is a LOT to remember so it helps me to feel calm by getting started now. I think we are pretty much ready - as I think of random things we need (apple sauce pouches, travel size body-wash, etc) I type them into my phone so I can make one more supply run next weekend. 

The weather is going to be chilly for most of the week and hot again by the weekend, which is kind of perfect. I prefer running in cooler weather, and I need to spend some more time indoors catching up/getting ahead on school work, then on the weekend maybe we can swim again!

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