The week: April 11-17

If there is one thing I cannot get enough of, it's time spent in the sun with these guys...

If there are two things I cannot get enough of it's just TIME. Goodness gracious. The To-Do list grows by 3-4 each day, with the trip getting closer and the end of the school year, and I *maybe* check one thing off of it each day. And there's not a single day this week that I don't have some kind of extracurricular activity planned! Not that I'm sorry about those - swimming in the pool and celebrating a birthday aren't exactly bummers.... it's just BUSY. Thus I'm not getting this up until Tuesday morning.

Last week was a little more relaxed - we took the kids for ice cream one warm day and then walked along the green belt to burn off some sugar. It was gorgeous - no ducklings yet though. Have I mentioned how big this kid is getting. To me this picture makes him look small, but he's not. I'm thanking my lucky stars that his summer clothes from last year still fit! (Always buy as big as you can!) Carolina on the other hand, needs basically all new clothes - she's a weed. Who is also very emotional lately. Sassy, snotty, weepy, clingy. Can't tell what's up with her.

We took them to Boise to get Lina some clothes and a few more warm-weather things we need before we go to California. Although the forecast is 88 here on Thursday so I guess we should be just as concerned about Idaho. We got coffee at our favorite place too, no doughnuts this time. We should probably limit ourselves to once a month... right? We should do that?

Afterwards Dad and Steve helped us dismantle the Curtis' old swing set and take it to our house for the kids. They will totally love it. But it's a beast and and we haven't had time to put it together yet. IT has had time to hatch baby spiders all inside my car though. Anyone have a blowtorch I can borrow? 

We relaxed by our first fire of the year - once it had cooled off a little. And roasted s'mores!  It couldn't have been more perfect. And Sunday I barely remember... I ran in the morning, so I was late to church, lunch, errands, and then chores, oh yeh dinner with my family - very nice, and then more chores until midnight. So far though I've had the energy to tackle it all - let's hope that keeps up!

And we got this email last week.... the race track and a handbook with all of the race information. Oh boy. My stomach is knotting at the thought of it. We run 13 miles on Saturday (it's supposed to be 14, but we don't want to say we already ran a half marathon!) and then that's it! 2 more weeks until the big'n.

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