Things Kids Say (& Write)

"It's ok if it's hard. We have to do hard stuff if we want to be the best kind of a third or fourth grader." ~Liam, at school, when cutting something tricky.

"Can Carolina and I take a bath together?" Me: "No.",  "*Sigh* It's not like the old days." ~Liam

"Doowen art is loads uv fun." ~Liam, at school - his teacher sends me these little nuggets (loads was the vocab word).

"Awww, so aDORable!" ~Carolina, about everything, all of the time.

"Aww aren't my shorts beautiful? I want to go to Hawaii and wear them." ~Carolina, folding clothes with me.

"I didn't do something." ~Carolina

"It's hard to be a baby when you're a kid" ~Carolina

"The iPad is really charging so it can get more bladdery." ~Carolina

"Why is the underwear so, like, not paying attention to me?!" ~ Carolina

Me: "Honey, why are you jumping on the couch?", "I'm doing flap jacks." ~Carolina
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