The week: March 7-13

I am not even sure where to begin. I was tired this week, really really tired, even though we had hardly any extra curricular activities going on, I think the only "thing" we had was the Upwards Basketball ending ceremony... and that wasn't much of anything. I think the point of this week was getting through it. The second week before spring break takes a little extra effort to motivate oneself (and one's class) to press on.  For the most part, the weather felt very wintery, but there were some gorgeous moments like this one, first thing in the morning.

Coffee, coffee, coffee - dreary days have caused me to amp up my caffeine intake. It's either that or bedtime at 4 p.m. But funny enough, I notice that on the weekend that doesn't happen to me at all!

We had a good week though, the kids were a bit wild, but fun, and we enjoyed reading about and following the Iditarod - we even got to meet two real sled dogs. I had 2 students back from Disneyland so we had fun talking about it and I got this sweet mug from one of them! I love it.

Speaking of Disneyland... as of posting, we are 55 days out from vacation! - that's less than 8 weeks and 23 more runs until the big'n. We ran 9.5 in just over 2 hours on Saturday, and other than the aches and pains afterward, we survived! I had a serious concern about some pain in my leg but it faded in a big way this week, so although I still plan to see the doc, I'm feeling much relieved. 
One more week until we all get a much needed break - it's going to go quickly too, Todd works really late tomorrow, the next day is Liam's 1st grade performance, then we are having dinner with friends, and get out early on Friday - so yay! We also have planned a little getaway to Sun Valley with friends, so even though it may snow while we are there - the change of scenery will be nice!

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