The week: March 21-27 (Spring Break & Easter!)

Oh man, is spring break over already? Such a busy week... I need another! (Does anyone ever say, "one week was just enough"?) I always feel like spring break is a tease, summer seems so close and yet it really so far. Just about the time you get used to a vacation schedule, you have to go back to work!

Last Sunday we drove up to Sun Valley for a 2-night getaway with our friends. It wasn't exactly springy, but it was gorgeous, and the first day was actually pretty warm and sunny and just gorgeous. 

We ate some delicious food, walked all around the recently renovated Sun Valley Resort and downtown Ketchum, and during rainy/snowy times we played games and watched movies and really just relaxed. 

I do love trips that are a good mix of staying busy and doing nothing, they are the most refreshing for me. In the end we decided one more day would've been just enough time. Ah well. The drive to Sun Valley was so beautiful, and even though it's longer than going to McCall, it feels shorter because it's not at all wind-y or stressful. 

It only took a year, but I finally figured out Snapchat, and I'm pretty obsessed with it... here's a little video I took during our trip...

We should've spent our first day back unpacking etc., but instead we hung out with friends in the morning, the afternoon, and the fam at night! We get to play with the Cavanaughs just a couple times a year, but the kids just get along like they saw each other yesterday. It was a lovely sunny day too - can't beat that vitamin D!

I finally had to face the suitcase and dirty clothes issue - which lead to me deciding I should clean the closet, to cleaning the storage under the bed, to cleaning the kids closets, to purging excess clothes/toys/stuff... so now I'm in full spring cleaning mode. But the MOST exciting part of the week was Liam finally getting the bunk bed we've been talking about for the last year! We like that the kids can bunk together and guests can sleep on Carolina's bed, and the kids love it for weekend "slumber parties". We are also switching out the Cars theme that Liam's had since he was 2, to Star Wars - in case you didn't notice. He still needs a bookcase, and maybe a chair, so we're not done yet, but I'll share the pictures when we are!

Nana and Poppa took the kids to see Zootopia on our last day of Spring Break, and we tagged along too :)

And finally, Easter. We had a lovely, moving, joyful Easter service.

And got our traditional family picture! 

These 3, how cute are they?! I have lots more pictures on my camera, but I'm just too lazy right now to mess with them.

Todd and I both keep thinking that it's May in a week, instead of April! We really wish it was true. Jen and I ran 11.5 miles on Saturday in 2.5 hours. We are ready for the half, and wish we could just get it done instead of having to go on 2 more long runs before that. I totaled up the miles we've run so far... and by the end of March it will be 130! That's a lot of miles! Only 41 days left! 
My goal this week is to stay on the spring cleaning kick and try to get Liam's room done, and as much as I'm not ready to go back to work. I have missed my little kiddos at school :)
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