The week: March 14-20

Who knows what happened during the week, we were just trying to make it to Friday! We decided to start spring break with a fun day about town. Without really an agenda we headed off and started with a new dive called BBQ4Life (#youknowitsadivewhen...) but it was LEGIT good, super authentic, man. 

After that we just kind of drove off and happened across the Boise Train Depot which I've seen before but never visited... So we stopped. The koi ponds, tracks, giant locomotive, and view totally won us over.
It's so beautiful.

We are not used to so much sunshine!


The History nerd in me loves this kind of thing.

Big Mike (the train) was HUGE!

She was holding my things for me in a store and looked like a little grown up.

We did make a stop at Trader Joes for road trip snacks and then saw this sign as we left!!! We are in Sun Valley for a few  days - looking forward to some R&R.

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