The week: Jan. 25-31

Lots going on last week! Remember how I said that I would answer "how was your week" based on whether we stayed healthy or not? Well not. Wednesday at school he ended up at the nurses office shaking, with a headache and fever. I had a meeting after school so he slept until Todd could come pick him up and figured he might as well take him to the Quick Care a mile down the road - I'm so thankful he did because it was strep throat. Uh huh. Yup. Within 24 hours of meds he was doing great and healthy by his birthday, whew.
But backing up to Monday, Mondays are pretty great because Jen and Grant and Whit come over to watch The Bachelor with us, and we get to snuggle Whit all we want... so long as he gets to watch TV he's happy. What a cute boy!

I made a new friend this week... EPCOT Starbucks mug!!!

I went back through my pictures and blogs about Liam's birth. It's SO hard to believe it was 7 years ago. How? How?! How!!!

His birthday mainly consisted of Star Wars Legos and art supplies. He was a happy kiddo.

He also got his requested red velvet cupcakes from Grandma, he was not disappointed.

Saturday Liam had another basketball game, at which he made 2 baskets! But later one when I checked my phone I found some interesting pictures on it... someone enjoys the camera function.

That afternoon, Liam and Carolina and Owen (Liam's bff) went with Todd to see Kung Fu Panda, they even got to get treats from concessions. It was Liam's birthday activity choice since we weren't having a big party. 
My running is going well - I know I'm way behind everybody. But I'm staying on track - I only missed one run because I was sick. And I'm able to run 2 miles without stopping to walk now, that's pretty good for me, even if I'm painfully slow. 10 more weeks, so I gotta keep at it! 

We are ready for the cold/snowy/wishy-washy weather to end. I'll take a snow day, but otherwise, we'll keep the 50 deg. sunshine that occasionally peeks through. February is the shortest month but always feels like the longest to me - the weather is blah and there's nothing very exciting to get you through (we aren't huge Valentine's people)... we'll just keep plugging along!
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