The week: Feb. 8-14

Well we weren't all healthy (me again, cold + no voice), but it was a really good week! It was just the right balance of busy and lazy. 
Liam is getting to be a good little reader, he was doing his best to read Valentine books to us at bedtime. 
Can you believe this was my first time babysitting my nephew?! He wasn't super happy but I enjoyed having a baby for a few hours... And embarrassing him with ponytails. He pulls it off well though, don't you think?
The weekend was the best part, of course, Todd brought me flowers on Friday, which is a very rare treat. Saturday we had friends over for brunch after the basketball game, they are so fun and we love that Carolina has girls to play with!
Jen and I went for our dreaded half-half-marathon run. 6.5 miles, the longest that either of us had ever gone. We were nervous, and it was painful, but we did it and we get a break for a couple of weeks, but then it's 8 miles :(
My reward later on was Valentines dinner with Todd at Barbacoa, so so delicious. We enjoyed our date immensely, just super relaxed and chill.
Sunday we all helped at the church Valentines banquet for widow/ers. It's a blessing to have these opportunities, most importantly for the kids to witness it and be a part of serving others.
And the rest of the day was spent being as lazy as possible, thus my view from the bed with book in hand. I got half way through, and plan to finish it today, another lazy day.
I know I probably should take these free days to get some things checked off of my list. But... I just don't want to!

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