The week: Feb. 22-28

NOBODY GOT SICK! Ok moving on...
I've basically been in a Disneyland state of mind last (and this) week (so far). My principal started it by bringing in a bunch of old Disneyland ticket books that had belonged to her husband, they were so cool to see! And admittedly, to sniff, as well. 

After posting on BiD about the Disneyland 60th special, we sat down to watch it together with mouse-ear hats (and lightsaber) in hand. I basically had permanent goosebumps through the whole thing, really. Todd said he teared up multiple times. The kids cheered and loved it just as much. (Don't mind Carolina's un-combed Hermione hair ;). 
It's kind of weird in this picture how they look the same size. In fact they both seemed so much bigger I decided to measure them on our little tracking wall, and since October Liam has grown a half and inch, and Carolina has grown a whole inch! Her size 5 leggings and long sleeve shirts are looking short on her already!

Then I found these at Target - I bought them both, but which to choose to keep...

This one.

The Disneyland theme continues with my principal bringing in more awesome stuff to show me (she's a lucky lady!) and then not 1, not 2, BUT 3 students at Disneyland this week - WHAT?! (but 18 kids in class, I'll take it). I know I only have 68 days until it's my turn, but it really does feel like forever away. However that 8 miles we ran on Saturday to prepare was pretty brutal and I am not ready for 13. That is the only speed bump in my road. 
Looking forward to one more basketball game of  Liam's this week, some nice (mid-60s!) weather, and an easier running schedule!
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