The week: Feb. 15-21

Nope - STILL not free of sickness... Liam has a cold, although it's pretty minor, but I spent Thursday night in the ER with a UTI - it was seriously terrible. I didn't think I could make it through the night and wait until the doctor's office opened to deal with it, plus I really didn't want to get a sub. Fridays out are the worst. BUT meds are working now so I'm crossing my fingers for a healthy week to come! 
Back to Monday - we really enjoyed the day off, the weather was great and we didn't have anything in particular to do so we just enjoyed a quiet day at home - so rare! I got a little Babes in Disneyland work done, which got me excited to do more in the near future... I've been uninspired there lately.
We did manage a trip to Target, where I got to try the Smoked Butterscotch latte a day early and it was GOOD.
Carolina did this...
Then we decided it was the perfect day to open up the windows and doors and get outside to grill! I have spring fever, can you tell?
Wednesday was a sad day - a friend shared some very bad news - so we needed Mickey Mouse cookies to help cheer us (me) up.
This little girl just loves to be a helper. When there was nothing left to help with the cookies, she asked to wash dishes. Of course I let her, even if I had to wash them again later ;)
I did get a coffee date with some girlfriends, and a park play-date with some others, and that always brightens the days. But, thankfully the week went by fast (long weekends help) - and we happened to be in the neighborhood of doughnuts on Saturday, so... 
And another fresh bouquet of tulips helped to round out the weekend. Flowers and treats. Basic necessities.
It was an easy running week - two 30 min. and a 3 mile, I was glad I was able to get my runs in even with my sickness. I've figured that we've run over 60 miles in total since the beginning of the year - pretty crazy right?! My pace is getting faster, and the runs are getting somewhat easier, although not any more fun. I'm SO glad February is almost over - I know I shouldn't wish my life away... I just feel so BLAH this time of year. March is at least the promise that spring is around the corner - and really, so far, the groundhog has been right, 60 degrees is coming right up according to the forecast. I'm just ready for sun, and probably a getaway too, I need to see something different for a little while, you know! 
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