The week: Feb 1-7

Ugh February. My least favorite of months. January at least feels like a new beginning of sorts, and you're usually not so sick, of the weather yet. February is like "no more please" - and last week was just a crap week. Dad was the one that got sick in the latest round of family illness, the weather was terrible, school just irritated me, and so on. BUT as I type this the sun is streaming in and it feels like it's going to be a good week. We've got Valentine's day fun, Grant's birthday, weather up to the 60s (!!!) plus a long weekend on the other side. Ok, but back to last week...

Carolina is my little laundry helper, but her favorite part is cozying up in a pile of warm clothes.

A nice shot of Liam and the "Dark Knights" - they are a good little group!

We did have to make a Guru run after basketball because not only did they have new February flavors like Mardi Gras King Cake, strawberry chocolate, blood orange, lemon cake, etc. - but they had...

Superbowl doughnuts! Carolina chose the Carolina one... the Bronco's were already sold out - looks like people knew who to root for!

A big shopping trip at Trader Joe's meant that Carolina napped after, but she didn't drop my tulips!

There's the forecast - I need this, please let this happen. Or else i'm moving to Maui.

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