Pin(s) of the Week: Chicken Picatta & Brown Butter Pasta

Creamy Chicken Piccata:
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So Liam requested "pasta and cornbread" for his birthday. A) Um, weird. B) I knew the type of pasta he meant was with butter and parmesan. end of story.
So with that information I did the best I could at translating that into a cohesive meal that adults would also enjoy. I picked garlic bread knots instead of cornbread (which ended up being Liam's fav part of dinner), and chose this Brown Butter Pasta recipe to satisfy his pasta request and added in this Chicken Picatta recipe to make the meal more substantial for the rest of us. It was work. Probably not the best meal to make for a party/large group, and also to be making for the first time. I mean really pasta is easy, but the timing of it with needing all of my stove top burners at the same time to brown butter, and cook noodles, and make sauce, and cook chicken in two pans (because that took an hour in itself)... Next time I make this, because I definitely will, I won't worry about scheduling it around a time frame. The pasta was DELICIOUS (although the kids didn't love the pine nuts), and the chicken - particularly the sauce- was DELICIOUS. I wish the leftovers would've lasted for days, but it pretty much was all eaten up :)
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