Liam: 7 year old update

I kind of almost forgot to do Liam's 7-year-old update and interview - woops! I blame it on the constant illness that's been washing over our family. I almost forgot about Valentine's Day too. But it's done and here and let's go!

Eating: He's always been my picky eater, and occasionally we have a big blow-out over food, but all-in-all, he's getting better. He doesn't hate pasta anymore, or granola (weird child), but he still detests any cheese BUT extra sharp Tillamook. He likes basically all fruit and more vegetables than me, so how much can I really complain?

Sleeping: His bedtime is officially 7:30, but more than not that means actual lights out at 8. He wakes up around 6:30 and gets himself ready for school then goes upstairs to play Legos until it's time to leave. He's so easy like that. Lately he's been complaining about not being able to fall asleep, not sure what to do about that, but it caused a big meltdown a few weeks ago.

Playing: His favorite things are Legos, Minecraft, and coloring/art/crafts. He enjoys playing other videogames too, but mostly if it's with his dad or Owen. He really likes basketball, and soccer this year is still TBD, he claims swimming as his favorite outdoor activity. He loves to play games - card or board. Family Uno games are a favorite.

School: Liam gets really good grades so far this year, and his reading fluency is on grade-level, he's not the fastest reader, but he's good for a 1st grader so I'm happy. He really likes school, checking out books from the library, and doing projects. He really listens and remembers what he learned - he was telling me all about conjunctions yesterday... If I had to pick a "worst" subject for him, it would be spelling... and his handwriting is next-door to an abomination. But... 1st grade.

Stats: No idea - I'm too forgetful to measure and weigh him while he's awake! He is tall, and growing by the second. Some days I just look at him and it seems like he's grown an inch overnight, I can tell when we go to church and get a bunch of comments from others about it... or when one day his pants are all too short (again).

And his 7 year-old interview...
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