The week: Jan. 4-10

Hm, well, I just checked my photo roll, and after maxing out my phone storage with pics over the holidays I took a total of one last week. And it was of my feet. What a bore. 
The first week back to school was rough, and it kind of surprised me. Plus it seemed to drag on forever. Then on Friday night, when I was so ready for a good rest, Carolina got the pukes all.night.long. Poor girl has never been that sick in her stomach, it was just pitiful. It seems like we have been rotating a sickbed since Thanksgiving, but since we were spared the actual holidays I can't complain too much. 
So we laid low on Saturday, washed everything, disinfected the house, and waited for the next person to come down with it. But remarkably no one did! (knock on wood) Sunday we stayed home, Lina was still feeling poorly, and again we were just waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I got a bunch done including putting Christmas away. It feels good to have it all done. Especially since it's one of those weeks where we have plans every single night through the weekend, so no time for extra stuff. We are going to McCall next weekend, it will be nice and peaceful and relaxing and fun I'm sure.
But the feet. I started my "training" just before New Year's and have gone for  5 or 6 run/jog/walks now and I'm pretty pleased that I already can see myself improving. I also don't hate it as much as I thought I would! I sort of hate to go on and on about the half marathon because I have a huge fear of not being able to do it. Like I'll get injured or sick or I'll just fail at it miserably. But also if I do talk about it then I have to go through with it because people know I'm doing it, right? I don't know. But I do know I'm liking it, for now, we'll see...
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