The week: Jan. 18-24

I think I've decided that when anyone asks how my day/week/weekend was I will only answer bases in our health. Example response: "Well, no one got sick." Because that is basically the new measure of our lives. Sick or not sick. We've been more sick this winter/fall than any other year it seems. Last week I got a cold, Todd got a worse cold, and Liam got the stomach flu. He and I went home from school on Thursday for that, and Todd stayed home with him on Friday. Thankfully it only lasted 12 hours, so we were able to actually make it to church this week. AND basketball! Liam's first game of the season! He played really well, it seems to come easier than soccer but he still needs to work on listening to his coach among other things. But so far we like this program a lot more than the Rec Center one, he seems to be learning more and we love the values that go with it as well of course. 
He got a memory verse star and a hustling star after the game. Good work buddy!

Meanwhile Carolina entertained Whit :)

Liam is actually not the tallest kid... He's the second tallest, I think it's a mix of 1-2 or even 3rd graders on the teams. It was fun to watch, and more fun... that it was indoors.

We finally felt like we were well enough to hang out with friends, since basically we hadn't seen anybody but the Michaelsons since before Christmas! So we went to doughnuts for brunch and then had more friends for dinner. It felt good!
So by the time you get another post from me, Liam will have turned another year older, I'm trying not to think about it too much.
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