The week: Jan. 11-17

The week began on a sad note... Coe and Steph and the boys moved to SoCal and we had our last hang out with them. I love this pic we got, the kids are even lined up in birth order coincidentally. So sweet.

Despite that black spot the rest of the week was good, my class (and I) finally got settled back into the school routine and it was overall a much better week. I was a little stressed about packing up and going out of town (why does it not matter if you are packing for 2 days or a week? it's the same amount of work!), but of course it was so much fun. It was so nice to relax in the cabin, watch the kids play in the snow, do a little tubing, and eat a bunch of junk food. 

It was just what I needed, and the kids were in heaven with their cousins.

See how much snow? Yeh, it was more than I've experienced in a long time, maybe ever.

Look how much the kids liked snow ice cream! Just kidding, they loved it, this was somehow the only picture I got.

Look how happy they are! 

Of course Lina wasn't smiling like that when we were tubing. In her words to Dixie, it was her "very worst nightmare." She was done after one run and sat in the yurt with Aunt Dixie while we continued. She went back out after a snack and had fun making snow angels and throwing snowballs.

Oh, and eating lots of snow.

Would you just look at this gloriousness! Who doesn't love sitting in front of a warm fire with this to look out at?!

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