The week: Nov. 30 - Dec. 6

What a week! Liam had practices and performances every night this week (and one more tonight), on top of Todd's strep throat so I was a bit of a single parent, it felt hectic. Carolina's sickness didn't last too much last the weekend but then she caught Todd's strep. Poor thang. Pray that Liam and I don't catch it!

Of the good things this week, I got my first Babes in Disneyland in 2 months posted on this delicious enchilada soup! I'll be making it again post-haste.

Here's the best shot I got of the Living Christmas Tree, that's Jen, Grant and Whit- on the left is Steve and Liam (he's the little orange hat) and the middle wise man is dad. It was a family affair! Such a good show this year, I just thoroughly enjoyed it and felt very much in the Christmas spirit afterwards! I got a lot of compliments on my song and my baby- yeh a lot. Apparently I look very much like my sister! Not something I'm upset about though! 

 Thankfully because we had a heads up on what her sickness probably was, we got her into quick care as soon as we could and her suffering was very minimal. She's already back to 100%.

We did get Christmas put up! It took all week but it's done and we are ready!  I even went and got the tree by myself (well with Linda and Steve's truck) during the sickies because it's supposed to rain all week and I didn't want to wait until after.
Looking forward to relaxing this week and watching some more Christmas movies, making Christmas cookies, and hopefully getting some more Christmas shopping knocked out!
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