The week: Dec. 7-14

I got the strep throat this past weekend - so that was pretty much that, and everything that happened before is a mystery to me now, it's also why this post isn't up on time.

This is a 4-year-old picture that I pulled off of Timehop - Disneyland at Christmas with one-year-old Liam  - such a good memory :-) I think we should go back.

Right before I got sick we did manage to squeeze in Christmas baking - Liam helped, man that kid was on a pretty intense sugar high by the end of the night. 

We also had a quick Christmas Party with family before they head out of town for the whole holiday. Cousin Bradley knows how to entertain the kids better than anyone! (Meanwhile I had to wash my dice after I played games so I wouldn't spread germs).

This is one of my favorite parts of a Christmas party at the McConnels... a real fire in a fireplace. 

I took Monday off because my throat just couldn't handle talking much yet, plus it wasn't out of the contagious rage, it was good because I felt pretty bad and was able to rest a bit and then clean up my trashed house (you know the mom-is-sick-so-absolutely-nothing-gets-done kind of trashed) later in the day. 
Family #1 coming into town tomorrow, Family #2 coming on Saturday - about to turn up the volume on the Christmas craziness!

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