The week: Dec. 15-20

Oh boy I'm late this week... I know I'm busy a lot, but as soon as family gets here I'm not even home but to sleep and do laundry! But today is Christmas Eve, and I'm finally sitting at home by my Christmas tree watching the snow fall and getting this done and -in a little bit- about a million other things, before having everybody over tonight after church. We are breaking tradition since we went to Steve and Linda's for an early "Christmas Eve" party a few weekends ago so the Curtis' could come, we'll have it here tonight. Anyway I do have a lot of snaps from the last week so let me get to that before I run out of time today!

I figure I'll start with the bad (for me) news... Coe got a bigger, better job and the family is moving after the New Year. Lots of tears shed between Stephanie and I - but I'm trying to change my outlook... there will be no way we  won't miss our friends though :(

We had a good snow last week - the kids at school were already wild because of Christmas and the snow just turned up the crazy, but it was fun to watch it fall if not fun to drive in.

Look at this amazing ornament I got from a student - but I'm a lucky teacher!

And the homemade version is just as sweet :) I had a good last week before break with my class, they are just the best. 

Poor GG & Tessa didn't make it in on time, delays help them off a day and a half - so basically as soon as they got here we had Christmas! (Also I just realized that I have all of my pictures of Carolina's program on my camera, so those will get to be their own post.)

Liam wanted to play Santa this year because he could read (he remembered his dad saying last year he had to wait until he could read - none of us did, but we don't doubt it happened) - however we did have a few present mix-ups particularly with "GG and CC".

Little Whittaker had his first first Christmas with us - most of which he slept through, but he was awfully cute for the rest of it.

I can't get a new Starbucks mug and not share it - yay! I didn't even know this one existed!

And the next day was Christmas Sunday - my little cuties. 

And later on a big group of us went to see the new Star Wars - one of Poppa's Christmas presents. It was SO GOOD, and they had this neat little set-up for pictures :)

The crazy continues this week as I've said, but now that I've come to the end of my writing the snow otuside has gone from itty bitty flakes to big nickel-sized ones, boy am I glad I don't have anywhere to go until tonight! Merry Christmas Eve!
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