The week: Nov. 9-15

Ok, first off - let me apologize for the many typos I always seem to have. A) I don't spend a lot of time on my blog anymore, and that means I don't proofread. B) I blog from my phone lately, which means autocorrect is dumb or just that it's easier to type the wrong thing, C) I usually do this at 11:00 pm on Sunday night, and I'm tired.... but that said, I'm going to work on it because I makes me crazy when I go back to read posts later and find mistakes! (I will probably find some in this one later on...)
What a fine week! I don't remember every detail but just that every day I felt good about it. The highlights were going for dinner at family or friends every weekend night, checking out the Christmas shop at Greenhurst, a mommy-daughter trip to the mall on Saturday afternoon (which had to result in Starbucks for us both)...

... and Liam losing his other front tooth (yayyy! It looked even worst than the first hillbilly tooth - and it almost ruined family pictures - but now his lisp is ADORABLE and he's already singing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth")...

... AND putting up the Christmas lights on the house (which was freezing so this was how the kids spent that hour) followed by SNOW!!! Just a little, but it was pretty perfect.

This is going to be a fun week - it's the last week of school before our Thanksgiving break so it will be full of fun activities and on Friday Liam will be in the first grade Shoebox parade - so get ready for some adorable pictures next Monday! I have a cold this week, but I'm just enjoying life too much to let it get me down, however I am letting it keep me from running ;) I should stop that.
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