The week: Nov. 2-8

What a week! God answered some major prayers - and I just spent the week feeling very blessed between getting some good news from the doctor, great parent-teacher conferences, and time well spent with both family and friends. Although I spent 24+ hours at school  between Wednesday and Thursday my reward was to get Friday off! We had a super fun playdate with new friends and then did a little Target shopping and some playtime at the park on the perfect autumn weather. Honestly it was a week that probably couldn't have gotten any better. :-)

Now that grades/report cards/conferences are over it's time to refocus my time and attention on some other projects like, say, training for a race that is getting closer everyday! Speaking of Disneyland, it's been far too long since I did some writing over on Babes. I'm looking forward to doing those things and doing some cooking for my family, celebrating a friends birthday, and mayyyyybe seeing some snow?!
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