The week: Nov. 16-22

Ha, it's so vacation when I can't remember that it's Monday. You know, Sunday felt like Saturday, Monday felt like Sunday and so on. I'm not complaining though... just behind on my blogging. :)
Last week was a great week - had fun with the kids at school, we got to watch it snow for a good few hours (although it didn't stick), we relaxed at home - somehow it was a laid back week! Here are the promised picture of Liam in his 1st Grade Shoebox Parade. He/we had great plans for a star wars "float" but it was mostly just a hot mess of stickers and glitter glue. Oh, did I mention he's down another tooth? It randomly fell out when we weren't expecting it, so now he's lost 6 altogether and he's out 3 right now. It's a little challenging to eat certain things, but we're milking that lisp for all it's worth. I'm glad the top ones haven't started coming in yet, but it could be any day of course. 

The kids have been very buggy to each other, so we tried to keep them playing seperately, and Lina totally cracked me up when she walked into the bathroom like this... silly girl.

She also chose to watch a cartoon like this... yes, that is a laundry basket. 

Todd and I had a date Sunday afternoon, the weather has been brisk but sunny, so pretty much perfect. We wandered Boise and had lunch while the kids had hot chocolate (with cool whip I think, thus the spoons) and "helped" Papa put the Christmas lights up. 

We are enjoying our staycation so far and anxiously watching these thick white clouds hanging low for the snow storm we are supposed to get tonight, and feeling quite glad we're not traveling tomorrow! 
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