The week: Oct. 5-11

Oh boy, what a week we had. Appointments after school 3 days in a row and then dinner plans  the other days, plus a football game! It was a fun week, but also the kind that I feel like we just have to "power through" in order to make it without going crazy. But we made it to the other side, although it was not without some trauma. Carolina had a belated well-child check-up which included 3 shots and she flipped out about it - it wasn't my favorite, or hers for that matter. But she also had her first professional haircut, which she had been refusing to do forever but did great!
Great Grandma and Grandpa left this week after another delicious fried chicken meal. It was so nice having them here, but I'm made at myself that I didn't take more pictures!
Liam here had an extremely loose tooth, and it's grossing me and everyone out, but it's hanging on for dear life. It's looked like this all week. He's a total hillbilly. I thought for sure it would be out by the end of the week, but no. I went from being so sad about it going to just wishing it was gone.

We got a special package from Daena and Del in Massachusetts - thanks guys! The loved the letters and Liam announced that we should write back - so keep an eye out for that in the mail! (Also note the hillbilly tooth in full effect here.)

I/we went to my/our very first highschool football game at Vallivue Highschool (which is the HS for the school district I work it) but we really went to see Brad in the drumline/marching band. It was really fun and the band did amazing! Keep in mind those stands on the other side do not represent the amount of people that were in attendance.

Heidi took this adorable picture of Lina wearing Brad's marching band hat... she thought it was sweaty.

Oh, here is Ripley's Halloween costume. Just kidding, this is how Carolina entertained herself Saturday morning while she and I stayed home from Liam's soccer game. I just needed to sleep in a little and then catch up on my chores so I could go run afternoon errands.

Sunday was just gorgeous, and it was finally a bit cooler just right at 70 (it was only 90 degrees the two days before, boo)... but it should get back up to 80 for most of the week. I'm really ready for sweater weather. All of my teaching clothes are really meant for cooler temps. Anyway after church we went to downtown Boise for lunch and Trader Joes and just to take a nice stroll around BoDo in the fall - it's just lovely. And then a quick Target run led to some new TsumTsum's - these kids are spoiled. 

Looking forward to this week and hopefully being a little more lazy :-)

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