The week: Oct. 19-25

Um, don't ask me what happened last week, because I don't remember. It was a blur. Basically from this point of the year on till New Year's will go by at breakneck speed. AmIrightoramIright? Let's see my fuzzy brain recalls that Liam had his last soccer practice of the year (and last game, which I did take pics of on my camera...), I finally went for a run (spoiler alert: it was awful), Todd got a cold, and apparently Liam spent some time coloring at his desk - because this was the only picture I took during the week...

The weekend was far more fun, and more memorable (probably because it just happened) - we had dinner with Steve and Linda on Friday because we  basically haven't seen them since they got back from Cali! Saturday after soccer, mom and I got some retail therapy (ie. I helped her buy Christmas presents), and Sunday we went to lunch with friends after church - and took a few pictures. Me with a witch... zombie...thing.... it was creepy.

The kids looked so stinking cute, I couldn't resist.

And then doughnuts, because when you drive by Krispy Kreme...

Honest-to-Pete the next few weeks will be insane. I think I don't have plans ONE night this whole week - and then next week is Parent-Teacher Conferences which I love, but between Halloween week and Conferences week (which always comes right afterwards) I'll be dead-tired. BUT the good news is that there will only be two full weeks after that before we all, ALL, get a full week off at Thanksgiving. Yayyyyy!!!!! Todd is so stoked - he's never had a full week off of work to just stay home. Of course the reason is because he has to work all of Christmas week - part of the new position. Speaking of, we are now officially less than 2 months till Christmas. Somehow the 2 months leading up to Christmas goes by way faster than any other two months of the year. Ahhh, my favorite time of the year! 
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