The week: Oct. 12-18

Guys, it was a week. So much so that this is the picture I have... Yep just one 

It's a good one though. Liam fiiiiinalllyyy lost that hillbilly tooth. It fell out Wednesday morning on the way to school. His face looks tired in this pic because he was getting sick and did not want to get up that morning. He ended up staying home from school the next two days and then I stayed home from my weekend the day after that. I'm still not sure though if I caught something he had or if it was stress. A big change at work meant several late nights and lots of stressing out. I woke up with an upset stomach 4 nights in a row before having a full day of sick on Saturday. 
But back to that missing tooth... Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?! I'm absolutely in love with that big ol' gap in his smile and the little lisp that came with it. I wish it would stay like that for a really long time, it's just as precious as it can be. And it's funny how upset I was about it coming on. 
And that's my story for the week. Hopefully this one is a lot less eventful!
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