The Birthday Girl!

Birthday #0: Oh boy and what a birthday it was. One of the best days of my life (because I'm just going to overlook that whole labor and delivery part). What a sweet little love. 

Birthday #1: Our Small World party, it was the most adorable thing ever. And I swear every picture I have of this girl from her party is a happy, smiling, precious one.

Birthday #2: We had a "World of Color" party for little missy. It was very fun and very colorful! Look at how adorable she was! (insert sounds of me bawling here) 

Birthday #3: We celebrated in Disneyland - it was a pretty magical day all around! 

Birthday #4: Carolina has requested that instead of a party with friends we go to the zoo. So off we go this morning after a delicious breakfast from (great) Grandpa. We are also having dinner/presents/cake tonight with a Hello Kitty theme - per her orders, nothing fancy. Pictures will come! It's been a CRAZY week. I feel like I've only been home to eat (a few meals) and sleep. My house is a disaster and nothing is ready for birthday - thus no four-year-old pictures have been taken yet, but I'll get on that ASAP!
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