Carolina's 4-Year-Old Stats & Interview

I'm going to attempt to do a 4-year-old stat round-up on Carolina - I always like to re-read these to remember things or compare the kids... also they come in handy when I have to fill out health questionnaires on the kids infancy - who knew that was a thing!
Size - Carolina is 41.5 inches tall which puts her just about the 90th %ile for height and she's right around the 50%ile for weight at just under 35 lbs. She's a skinny Minnie. Thus her issue with clothing... her legs are long enough to wear a size 5T, but her waist is small enough for a 4T. She wears an 8 or 9 in shoes, which I'm told is small.
Sleeping - She typically sleeps through the night, 7:30-7:30, occasionally she'll go through a period of waking up in the night and calling for us, but it's usually an easy fix. A light on, a drink of water, a potty break, and then back to bed... but it's been a while since she did that. She still stays in her room all night and in the morning until she calls us to come get her. I'm pretty sure at 4 we were allowing Liam to come out on his own, but I'm not really sure I'm ready for that with her yet. She has to sleep with "friends" usually bunny, and little bunny - she also likes to look at a book in bed by the nightlight. She's easy to put to bed and really a good sleeper.
Eating - This girl is, thankfully, less picky than her brother. She will try almost anything and will be honest about how she likes it/doesn't like it. She loves spaghetti, eggs, avocado, all fruit. She doesn't like soda, she's not a huge fan of green peppers, but there's not a lot on that list. She is in a phase of replying "I don't know, what do you have?" when you ask her what she would like for a meal. It's kind of annoying - like something a teenager would say.
Talking - She talks so well - her doctor proclaimed her to have a huge vocabulary. She says the funniest things (which none of us are good at remembering), but lately her most common catchphrase is "none _____"... like "none accidents today", "none timeouts", "none desserts tonight".
Playing - Her favorite things to play are with her kitchen and play food (typically "restaurant" is the game), her little critters, coloring or "homework", and then a bunch of random made-up games with her stuffed animals.
Likes - Pajama/sweat/soft pants, the zoo, vacations, reading books - mostly animal ones, friends - mainly Isaac, playing outside especially at Grandma and Papa's.
Dislikes - her brother bugging her, being corrected or punished, when you leave without waving or saying goodbye to her.

She is a crazy mixture of sweet, sassy, snobby, snuggly... part time 4 year old, part time 14-er (too bad "threenager" doesn't work anymore). Most of the time she adores her brother and they get along super well, but when she's in a mood no one yells like Carolina does. I love her to pieces. Like you wouldn't believe.

Can I just tell you this is not the most fascinating or funny interview with a child. The girl took this way too seriously and was not amused when I tried to rush her decision making.

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