The week: Sept. 8-13

Well. Reality has set in. Those first few "honeymoon" weeks of school ended and the craziness has set back in. Not with my class - they are still wonderful, sweet kids. But the rest of it - the planning, prepping, scheduling, analyzing part of it. Once the IRI, SRI, CORE were all done we had to decide about RTI (yep, that's a lot of teacher acronyms... welcome to my life) spent every prep and after school time that wasn't taken up with another meeting, looking at and analyzing data and organizing groups and planning intervention lessons, etc. I'm tired. I needed to spend some weekend time at school, but it just didn't happen between different dinner plans, soccer, church, errands/chores. I already stayed late enough last week, so I'm kind of burnt out even though it was only a 4-day week! Oh well - God, grant me the energy to make it through this next 5 days! 
Home life is getting busier and busier as well - Carolina started preschool (can you believe it?!) - not that it really affects me since I'm not taking her or anything - mom takes/gets her - 2 half days a week. But there's lots of paperwork, and more "homework" type things to do with her... plus catching up on immunization :( I don't even want to talk about it. But look how cute and excited she is for school!

Liam is having to do more homework this year of course, so it's a challenge for me to make sure it gets done - it feels like a second job, I don't know how I will survive middle and high school. He had his first soccer game - in U8 it's harder, longer, more exhausting. If he goes to a second practice during the week it will help him, but it will be one more thing on the weekly agenda.

He lost a tooth this week too - at soccer practice. He was stoked. 

We had a Knight-Miller-McConnel family game night, Whit's first. Not that he played so much as slept, but you know. What a sweetheart. He's really changing so much.

It was blazing this week - 96 on Saturday I think. We swam just for a bit, and it felt great, but boy are we ready for the 60's-70's we're supposed to get this week. I miss my sweaters. 
It feels as though we are just whipping through September and Carolina's birthday will be here before you know it. She spent her last birthday in Disneyland, so I don't know how I'm going to live up to that. I've got to start figuring that out. Pray for us as another busy week looms -  Todd works late two nights and has a very not-fun court date this morning, plus there is a job promotion in the near future if all goes well. If it does, it will mean more responsibility and hours for him of course. If it doesn't go well... there will be issues. Ok that's probably enough rambling for now - I'm going to try to go through my Wyoming pictures so I can share those this week AND I finally have a Pin of the Week that turned out good to share!
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