The week: Sept. 14-20

I've decided that I'm getting old, because I now have to write down what I do during the week or else I don't remember it by the time Sunday comes - pictures help, but I didn't take as many this week! I've also decided that I'm done saying "we were so busy", because yeh, everyone's busy.
Let's see if I can think back...  Todd applied for an assistant supervisor position on his team! Carolina had a great week at preschool. Liam (and I) got all of his homework done and turned in on time - despite evenings full of soccer practice and errands. I registered for a half marathon at Disneyland... no big deal. Just kidding - I don't know when, I don't know how, but I know something's starting right nowwwww - and that thing is exercise. Yep - Jen talked me into it, although it didn't take too much talking ;-)
We've had a really nice weekend - Todd and I rented a movie and got ourselves some ice cream for Friday night, Saturday was an early soccer game then doughnuts, the farmer's market, and general Boise running around - and over to friends for dinner. Sunday, our new pastor knocked it out of the park as usual. We are feeling it - a fire has been lit. And then just lots and lots of chores in the afternoon. I wish we had 3 day weekends!
I think we are finally really back into this work/school life - but I am definitely mourning the summer sun. Sunset at 8 pm makes me sooo sleepy, I much prefer 10 pm, I get a lot more done that way. Ah well - such is life. I better get used to it now.

We had an AMAZING rain/thunder/lightening storm this week - it of course happened right at dismissal and all the kids and teachers outside got soaked. I wasn't one of them :) But man it was great to watch. The storm continued to move across the area the rest of the day. I took my chances for a walk/run and got this great picture - while hoping it didn't come my direction.

I had about 3,284 errands to run one day this week and decided to do it one day that Todd had to work late. Usually the kids drive me nuts on such shopping trips, but it turned out to be a really fun outing. they were so sweet and well behaved, and I just treasured that evening together. (PS - do you see how big they are getting!)

Ah the capitol, I never get tired of it. And the weather on Saturday was to die for. 

Even the photo-bomb creeper couldn't get me to delete this sweet silly picture with my favs.
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