The week: Aug. 31 - Sept. 7 (But mostly Wyoming!)

So first, the week - our second week of school was pretty much just as good - if not better than - the first! Liam got all smiley faces for his behavior, and continued to think that school and learning (his words) was the best! My class was just as sweet and great, maybe a little chattier - but that's to be expected. I'm definitely having to make a concentrated effort to change how I run the show. Last year with so many behavior issues and just so many kids, everything was rushed and I had to have many hard lines. But with so fewer kids and really all super nice I am trying to slow down, to take the time to listen and be more compassionate and motivating. That may sound terrible, but it's the truth. I just got out of the habit of it, because that does take to do, and I just couldn't afford to spend it for many reasons last year. All that to say, last year wasn't terrible considering, but I think I am going to be a better teacher this year and it's going to be a better year in general because I will be able to make more connections with my students. 
Last week we finally experienced some fall-ish weather. I waited until September 1 to break out the pumpkin spice m&ms, September 2 to bake something with pumpkin in it, and September 4 to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte. Although, it's supposed to get back into the 90's this week, so I feel like I will have to put it all on hold again for a bit.
But the best part of the week was, of course, the traveling! We basically planned this little getaway with Steve and Linda as soon as we had unpacked from Maui. This has been a big summer for traveling for us, and I just didn't want it to end yet. We had to pick a mountain town so we could find some cooler weather, and since we hadn't been to Jackson Hole for about 14 years (Todd and I were dating then) we figured it would be a nice place to revisit and this time go into Yellowstone too. We went up Saturday morning and came back Monday night - about a 6 hour drive through the most beautiful weather going and coming. And it was the perfect sunny, yet chilly weather in Wyoming. We couldn't have asked for better. 
I'll have more pictures from my nice camera to share later.. but for now... I'll share a few from my phone.

Amazing clouds/sky driving out of Idaho.

You HAVE to get a picture under the antler archway!

Notre Dame football kicked off, I dressed both kids up for it, and then Todd didn't of course, but at least they won!

On the drive just outside of Jackson...

We headed to to Jackson Lodge in the Teton National Forest Saturday morning. The lodge was gorgeous, but the scenery more-so. We took a little hike and then headed further east into Yellowstone.

You guys, it was painfully obvious that it was a holiday weekend. We probably waited in a line of cars for 20-30 minutes, maybe more, at the park entrance. But it was beautiful, so it wasn't so bad.

We got to see this lone buffalo grazing right by the edge of the road and then later a small herd of them further off. 

Old Faithful was only slightly late, but  she was beautiful to see!

More to come! So glad that Tuesday is an easy day for me, I need to ease into the week :)
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