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I fiiiiiiiinally got around to going through my pictures from our Labor Day trip to Wyoming - gosh, they make me want to go back. 

These Teton pictures are just from the side of the road on the way to the parks! Pictures definitely don't do them justice. They are just breathtaking.
Once we got to the Jackson Lodge (which is quite a ways out of Jackson) we checked out the beautiful lodge and took a small hike up a hill and back - it gave us a great view of Jackson Lake.

It was the most perfect weather - sunny, but quite brisk. The air was just so fresh and nice.

Afterwards we drove further all the way into Yellowstone - it was actually a much longer drive than I expected, but what took so long was the line of cars to enter the park! That was probably 30 minutes by itself. One of the neatest things in the park was all the cars from different places! We would walk up and down aisles in the parking lot just looking at the license plates - in all we counted 46 (no Hawaii, West Virginia, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island) - but we did see plenty of Canada and even one from France!
This was the crowd of people waiting for Old Faithful - it was hundreds! It was like waiting for Fantasmic, except that everyone was almost silent, kind of weird. 
She blew - as expected. Then after several unsuccessful searches for lunch (sooooo many people there) we decided to just see some more sights and pick up a few snacks on our way out. Of course we couldn't spent a week there and probably not seen everything because it's enormous, so a few hours barely scratched the surface. But what we did see was pretty cool. 
Boiling hot springs full of bacteria to give them their beautiful colors. 

The famous "paint pots with weird gross bubbling white mud.

Pools so deep they seem to (and maybe do) go to the middle of the earth.
It's so weird to think that this is all volcanic area... but the steam pouring out of random holes and the geysers everywhere make it not-so hard to believe.

And the pièce de résistance was the buffalo, or "burfalo" if you are a dad who is being funny.
We did see one close up, but later saw this small herd from a distance. They were so peaceful and majestic.
We made a quick stop at the Teton National Forest center and headed back into to town for a very late dinner.
The little condo we had was very cozy and nice, my only complaint was that we couldn't get the fire going... and also that we didn't see any moose. Even though were were either driving or hiking the whole time it was a very relaxing little getaway!
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