The week: July 26 - August 1

What a busy week - packed with those summer projects I'm feeling the squeeze on and family visiting! I did manage to get quite a few things done, especially the biggest project - the playroom. The toys were getting seriously out of hand and that room always looked, literally, like a tornado had gone through and scattered everything. There were no toys in any of the 15 bins we had around, they were all on the floor/table/couch. Anyway - I packed up one box to save, one for Whit, one to just toss, and one to donate. I also went through toys in Carolina's room to add to my piles, next I need to do Liam's - his will be the worst.

We hung out with friends, who just so happened to have some leftover fireworks so Carolina got her very own 4th of July :)

We got to church early last Sunday (highly unusual) and took a short walk around NNU's campus - just talking to the kids about our time here. It's such a pretty place.

These came in the mail :( It wasn't my favorite mail day. I was going to sit down and look through them, then I just decided to go to the store and get what I needed, and toss these.

Carolina had a doctors appointment in downtown Boise so we went to Guru Doughnuts of course and brought back a dozen to share with everybody. One of each - it was a fun taste-test.

These two little cousin-twins are so cute together. They had a great time in the pool and played pretty well elsewhere. They are both very opinionated about what should be happening. That's a shocker, I know.

It was a very short, but fun visit from the CA McConnel's - Jeran brought twin dresses for the girls and they looked so cute. Carolina really loves all of her cousins, she spent special time with Denali when they had a camp-out in their trailer and loved playing with Dyl in the pool too, this picture is so sweet. Liam pretty much attached himself to Dylan and the Legos. Ah, I love these kids.
My goal this week is to do normal weekly clean-up today and go through Liam's room, so the rest of the week I can work on school projects and maybe go in to my classroom for a few hours so I can ignore all school stuff next week (the last week!).
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