The week: August 2-9

As (I think) I had said - this week was the week for getting all of those summer-to-do home projects done as well as my school work so that this week, my last week, I could ignore it and pretend like it wasn't really happening. I gotta say I did pretty good - I finished a lot of things I wanted to and made it in to school. So the bulk of my to-do list is done and my classroom is set up, but I still have a few small things left to do here and I have all of my school binders to organize... that's the one I really don't want to do. It's a big job. (Basically everything I used last year got thrown in a basket instead of into it's designated binder - that's what happens when you have 29 students and not a minute to spare.) But back to last week...

We celebrated Poppa Bill's birthday with a get-together, which was also the first time either kid got to hold Whit :)

Liam's face is precious

My little Target buddy - she wanted to spend some of her chore-earned money on a cake-pop at the Starbucks. I love how she fell asleep with her (long) legs crossed.

We picked a cooler day for a play-date at the park... ahh, these lazy days are numbered.

Idaho sunsets - honestly - they will never get old.

On Sunday, we all went to First Church for Whit's dedication - nobody took pictures of that since we were all up front - then after we went to Nana and Poppa's for a cookout. Grant's little cousin Dayson was having a great time attacking Liam, and Liam was having a great time letting him.

And finally a decent picture of all the cousins together - even if you can't see Liam's face - it's pretty sweet!
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