The week: Aug. 24-30

Hooray! We did it! The first week of school is over and not only did we survive it, we won it! Liam wasn't nervous, but he wasn't 100% sold on going back to school. But after the first day, and every other day, he "LOVED" school... even on the day that he didn't get a smiley face for excellent behavior. His teacher messaged me a few times during the week to tell me funny/cute things he was doing. One was that all morning he had been humming - quite off key - it's a small world! Ha oh yeh, that's my boy.
I still only have 23 students, 22 of whom are actually in my room, and they are such well behaved, sweet kids - I love them all! It feels like they've been in second grade for a month instead of a week - and that is a good thing. It's going to be a great year.
Probably needless to say, though, we came home everyday exhausted and basically vegged until bedtime. I did reach my goals of making dinner every night and staying on top of dishes/kitchen, my house-cleaning nemesis. In a random spurt of energy I decided to pull out the KitchenAid one day this week. I hadn't done any baking in months it seemed like (thus no Pins of the Week) so I finally decided to try a new recipe with my littlest helper. We had fun, and the cookies are good, but not so good that I'll make this recipe again. So there you have it. But we had fun together

We are already in the habit of waking up early (PTL for that small mercy) and since on Saturday the weather felt cool and just a tinge fall-ish we decided it was perfect weather for BoDo. So of course we went to Guru then walked over to the farmer's market and meandered back around to Trader Joe's.

Look at this cool kid right here...
Afterwards we decided to hit up the mall and a few stores in search of fall jackets. We are going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the labor day weekend. The low is excepted to be in the 30's - I doubt we'll experience that cool of temps... but more likely 40s or low 50s... and since the kiddos grew an insane amount in the last year, none of their jackets fit! Oh and apparently the Williams Sonoma does kids cooking classes on Saturday mornings in the fall... this one was basically just a free treat but some of the ones next month sound really neat actually, and they're free!

And because it was still just so nice out we went to the Village in Meridian and wandered for a bit before having lunch, which turned out to be free because our ticket got lost - I'm not mad at it! The kids were so well behaved and happy - we got them a treat - a bath ball. Is that weird? They were stoked. In the store Carolina (with her little t-rex hand motion) "Mom, I want to go home rightnow and take a bath."
A whole week went by without seeing this little guy, but then I got to see him twice - he's starting to fill out his baby clothes!

I hope this week is just as wonderful as last week was. The only thing that might make it better are some cooler temps, which are in the forecast, and hopefully a little more energy at the end of the day. Thanks for your prayers for us last week - they were heard! Oh and yay for September!
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